Ultimate Guide to Renovating a Luxury Vacation Property

Guide to Renovating a Luxury Vacation Property
There are vacation homes – and then there are awesome vacation homes. The trick to make your property into the latter is in the renovation. If you’re planning on renovating your Galle vacation home then this is where Architects in Colombo, or Remodeling contractors in Galle can help.

Importance of Location

Location is everything when it comes to vacation rental properties. Pick the area carefully after considering all the details about local tourist trade and opportunities. Even if it’s a beautiful home in a great place, if it’s off the beaten track, other rental properties might prove more popular. Consider: Is it near a beach? Does it have access to local amenities? Are the views great? 

Decide on Your Market

Think about the type of guests you will target. If you are targeting older people, you will need to provide comfortable furniture, and accessibility. For younger families, durable furniture will be a must. Young professionals will have different requirements. Installing a hot tub, swimming pool, and sauna can be a big draw. 

Evaluation Period

You need to put your property on the rental market immediately. So evaluate what needs doing, and how to turn the home into a luxury product. Opt for a classic design that will stand the test of time. Curb appeal is vital – it adds a wow factor, and will make your marketing photos stand out. There are facilities you will need to provide: wi-fi access is standard, as is a flatscreen TV, an entertainment system. 

Starting the Renovating Process

A rental property isn’t usually a DIY project, so use professionals to do the job. Consult Architects in Colombo, or Remodeling contractors in Galle. Focus on what you can do to set your property apart. If none of the other rental homes in your location have a pool, put one in.  The biggest projects tend to be in the bathroom or kitchen; these need to be modern with all amenities. The master bedroom should be comfortable and luxurious. Invest in high-quality mattresses, pillows, and cotton sheets.  Take down some walls, or open up windows to maximize the view. Offer good, modern storage, like walk-in-wardrobes. Communal space is also important for guests, so provide them as much space as possible. Have plenty of options for them, like books, magazines, tour guides and a games room. 

The Finishing Touches

When decorating keep paint colours neutral, but pick material that won’t get dirty fast, or is easy to clean. Always keep one eye on the cleaning costs when you decorate. Cooler colours will help your guests feel more comfortable with warm temperatures.

The Final Steps

The combination of luxury and durability is a tricky balance to pull off. While giving guests something extraordinary, also think about the cost of maintenance. Invest in high-quality white goods. It’s a good idea to leave printed, laminated instructions. 

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