Trendy Holiday Home Ideas Worth Stealing

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Turn your gorgeous property in Galle, into a chic holiday home that you will never want to leave. Whether you are living on the coast full time or working with building developers in Galle to create the perfect holiday abode, these classic, comfy and fashionable ideas are perfect to create that dream oasis on Sri Lanka’s south coast.

1. Add A Few Pieces of Woven Furniture

Woven furniture has the knack to create a light and airy ambience. A common feature seen in beach side villas, woven products are sold by artisans residing along the south coast of Sri Lanka, hence are easy to obtain. Elaborate chair-backs resembling a peacock’s fanned out tail, intricate mats and other bits of furniture add that tropical vibe.

2. Add Tone for Depth

Seeking the help of a professional construction company in Galle, will help you bring the idea of tone on tone to life. The latest trend in 2019 is the creation of light and airy spaces with cement coloured tones for that natural earthy look. Talk to architects and building designers in Galle to get create the perfect style.

3. Statement Tiles for your Bathroom

Embrace the Moroccan style of creating an exotic and wholly relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. If you ask property developers in Galle they will advise you to create this look with the aid of ‘mermaid tiles’ or scallop tiles. Easily available in Sri Lanka, these tiles can be used to give a chic and elegant look to your bathroom.

4. Create the ‘Villa Look’

Trending since 2018, dark furniture is seen as classy, simple and utterly in vogue. Dark stylish furniture when added to your home in Galle helps create that airy, understated elegant look that’s synonymous of a beach villa in a tropical seaside resort.

5. Use Natural and Durable Material

Since sustainability is an important factor for the modern homeowner, you can make use of Sri Lanka’s rich natural resources and opt for natural material in your furniture, flooring, ceiling etc. Durable and natural, wood will create that eco-friendly ambiance in your home.

6. Add in a Pool Oasis

No coastal holiday home is complete without the addition of a pool and with the help of skilled swimming pool contractors in Galle, there are some very hip pool designs to choose from. As exciting as all the above ideas sound, make sure to work closely with a reputed building contractor in Galle to ensure, your designs are understood, enhanced and executed to perfection.