Top Swimming Pool Styles For 2019

Top Swimming Pool Styles in 2019
Are you considering adding more allure to your villa in Galle with a new swimming pool? A stylish pool would be the perfect addition. Get in touch with swimming pool construction companies in Galle and let your creativity flow. Today, there are many pool designs to choose from and this article offers some fabulous ideas to discuss with professional swimming pool contractors.

1. The Ocean or Lagoon Look – Dark Interior Pools

If you are the proud owner of a modern villa or are working with building developers in Galle, proudly constructing your new home or Galle hotel, consider adding some cutting edge style to your complex with a dark interior pool. The trendy smoky coloured tiles make the pool look more like a tropical lagoon or even the ocean.

2. The Sunbathers Nook – Tanning Shelves

Here’s your chance to make use of that gorgeous sunny weather in Galle! If you are working with one of the top property developers in Galle discuss the idea of having a shallow platform on a side of the pool. Most often this tanning shelf is a broad ledge only a foot deep where both kids and adults can lounge around and catch some rays.

3. The Ultimate Luxury – Swim Up Bar

While this feature is popular since the 70’s, in 2019, the swim up bar is also a sunk in kitchen, complete with – maybe a barbeque? You get the countertop and the in-pool stools, where you sit and not only enjoy a cocktail but maybe a burger, fries or steak! And with some top notch swimming pool maintenance companies in Galle, you can rest assured your pool and sunk in kitchen, are in good hands.

4. Embrace the Elements – Fire and Water Features

Forego the beach bonfire and opt for a fire and water feature to be added to your pool. The perfect feature to create a harmonious vision and sound background, the combo feature is trending in a big way. Get in touch with a recommended swimming pool or building contractor in Galle and see how this feature or any of the others listed here can be added to enhance your backyard with the trendiest pool oasis in south Sri Lanka.