Top 10 Tips for Designing a Pool

Tips for Designing a Pool

Some Fab Ideas to Discuss With Your Construction Project Managers in Galle!

What do you want a pool for? To chill out under Galle’s warm balmy skies, entertain guests or enhance your holiday home in Sri Lanka? Once you decide the ‘purpose’ of your pool talk to the best construction project managers in Galle

1. Define the Purpose Before Constructing a Pool

As mentioned above decide how you plan to use your pool then consider additions of play areas, shady spots for drinks and how much sun exposure you need; factors to discuss with your building contractors in Galle. At Double Vision, we find that most customers, constructing coastal holiday homes, see a pool as an extension of the house from where they enjoy the beauty of Sri Lanka’s south coast. 

2. Consider Future Features

Future features although reserved for later, can be easily included by making provision for them when constructing the pool. Additions are outdoor kitchen, tanning area, spa, water feature etc. Features increase the value and popularity of a coastal holiday home for rent.

3. Consider Local Laws

Once you decide on design, look into the laws and nitty-gritty details. As a professional construction company, we stay updated on by-laws governing construction in Sri Lanka, hence clients are updated throughout the planning process. Have your Galle construction agent look into any laws which may put a damper on your design.

4. Consider Practicality

Is there space between the house and pool for people to move about freely, where will pool equipment be stored, is there room for a refreshments area?

5. Decide on a Budget

A savvy pool construction company will work around your budget to achieve the best results. Have a fair idea of costs before you get started.

6. Draw a Plan

Get your construction company to draw a plan of the entire pool and garden once construction is finished to get a fair idea of what to expect at the end of the project. 

7. What to Make the Pool From?

Decide the type of material you wish to construct the pool out of, budget is a defining factor. Choices include fibreglass, concrete or vinyl.

8. Choose the Material

There’s variety in choice in terms of decking and walkway; choose from mosaic tiles to tempered glass and treated wood to paving stones. 

9. Privacy is Important

Make sure the pools strategic position offers plenty of both visual and sound privacy. For this include garden structures, walls, fences etc. to shield your pool.

10.  Add some Lush Allure

If you possess the space, go in for some creative landscaping, The tall coconut trees and green bushes of Sri Lanka’s south coast offer a kaleidoscope of colour and design ideas!

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