Tips on Restaurant Design and Interior Layout

Tips on Restaurant Design and Interior Layout

Some Ideas to Run by Construction Workers in Galle

Your restaurant may serve the best cuisine on the south coast of Sri Lanka but how is the ambience. Do customers feel relaxed and comfortable dining in, or do they prefer grabbing their food to go? As construction workers in Galle, we know that design and layout of a restaurant are great influencers, interested? Do read on for some simple tips on sprucing up your restaurant design and interior layout.

Pay Attention to Seating Capacity When Designing Your Restaurant

Your main goal is undoubtedly to serve as many customers as possible but in doing so you must make sure that while seating capacity is used to the max, customers are also comfortable. A roti shop on the south coast, for instance, will have more seating than one of Galle’s favoured fine-dining seafood restaurants.

Pay Attention to the Problem Areas

Problem areas are generally tables where customers are not happy to sit at; such as, tables near restrooms, the kitchen entrance, front door or even the middle of the restaurant. Make the most of these places by adding divider screens or tall plants to offer more ‘privacy’ to your diners. With loads of experience in villa construction in Sri Lanka project managers at Double Vision are experts at camouflaging and making the most of small spaces.

Consider Music in Your Restaurant

Influence the ambience within your restaurant with music; it sets the tone and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Choose your music well and avoid repeating CD’s; you could also use radio as a cheaper alternative, choose channels which are non-commercial and play mellow music.

Have Proper Ventilation and Cooling

The south coast with its warm balmy breezes can be hot and humid at times, ensure your restaurant is well-ventilated and make the most of the soft sea breezes. Maintain your Restrooms Restrooms too are a direct reflection of your restaurant quality, they should be cleaned out regularly during each service day and remain hygienic and well ventilated. If you feel your eatery can benefit from some simple changes, talk to our consultants for an evaluation on how best you can improve design and interior layout of your restaurant.

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