Things to Consider When It Comes to Your Pool Renovation

Pool Renovation
During hot tropical weather, nothing beats being able to soak in a cool swimming pool with family and friends. But let’s not forget that pools are high maintenance and if you’re thinking of renovations and are unsure how to go about it, we’ve highlighted some key areas to be watchful for. Whether its Swimming pool construction companies in Galle, or Swimming pool construction companies in Colombo you’ll face similar questions, which we’ve answered below.

Research the Vendor and Request Samples

Check if the contractor you picked is affiliated with vendors who can offer a selection of tile designs, sizes, and prices. You need to be able to ascertain the quality of the materials used. Professional Swimming pool construction companies in Galle will guide you in material selection, repairing broken parts, updating inefficient components, and installing non-slip, weather-proof surfaces with durability and easy maintenance.

What Updates are the Most Crucial and Cost Saving?

If your budget is restrictive, concentrate on pool repairs rather than a full-scale pool restoration. One way to lower the expense is to use paint or install stamped concrete instead of tiles. This will save money towards upgrading critical pool equipment like filters and pumps. 

Energy Efficient Equipment

Opt for a more energy-efficient filter and pump rather than focus on cosmetic changes. Modernization of pool pumps, filters, and lighting can lower your utility bill and give your poolside a cleaner look. Consider a solar-powered heating system, or solar-powered pool covers to reduce costs associated with pool maintenance. Have an expert check the mechanics of your pool for animal or insect infestations.

How Can You Protect Your Pool Once Completed?

Once your pool is renovated follow a rigorous maintenance schedule to reduce the need for repair in the future. Hire a professional pool maintenance service to regularly clean the pool and filters. Get a service that’s well recommended with credentials and proven pool-servicing expertise. Word of mouth and online reviews are great to get an idea of what to expect from Swimming pool construction companies in Colombo.

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