The Hottest Luxury Swimming Pool Design Trends of 2019

The Hottest Luxury Swimming Pool Design
A swimming pool offers leisure, enhances living space and boosts the value of a home. Before you engage the services of Swimming pool designers or Swimming pool contractors in Galle, read on to learn about pool design trends for your holiday home. 

Innovative Lighting and Smart Features

Home automation features in smart home technology allow you to control pool lighting through phone app. They allow you to set the temperature of your pool/hot tub, or select the perfect pool party playlist. Innovative lighting techniques create an ambiance and reduce energy costs.

Built-In Bars and Sun Shelves

Swimming pool designers recommend a swim-up bar as it enables hosts and guests grab a cocktail without having to get out of the water. Built-in bars offer convenient seating using a built-in ledge, bench, or individual stools. You can even place lounge chairs in the water using a sun shelf for sunbathing. 

Saying Yes to Saltwater 

Saltwater pools are becoming popular because they are easier and more cost-effective to maintain. They contain fewer chemicals and are less harsh on pool accessories, like filters and pumps, not to mention your skin and hair health. It’s gentle on eyes and doesn’t come with the strong chlorine smell. 

A Spa-Like Soaking Tub

Hot tubs offer a relaxing vibe and can help reduce inflammation and stress. Many soaking tubs are taking on a rim flow spa design and feature more efficient and well-designed spillway styles. Jets and bubbler features remain a popular choice. 

Colors and Shapes That Add Contrast 

Swimming pool contractors in Galle now experiment with different finishes to create a more custom look turning towards colors that mimic the ocean. This includes darker colors like black or French grey. Darker colors keep your pool temperature warmer.  Pools shapes are becoming more defined like circles, rectangles, or squares instead of the traditional freeform pool designs. Smaller sized pools are trending as they are the perfect size for lounging, rather than swimming. Single depth pools are a popular design trend and cost less for construction.

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