The Best Real Estates Markets for 2019

The Best Real Estates Markets for 2019
Planning on acquiring that second home in a foreign country? Listed are popular destinations for investing in real estate and reaping the benefits in 2019.


Investing in Brazil real estate has turned out to be pretty lucrative for most people. Agricultural land and coastal town houses are both hot picks, promising a rewarding yield. Townhouse rental returns are tipped to be around 18%. The only hitch is the long-haul flight which for many from the UK and Australia is an agonising journey. Still tourism in the country is big business and savvy real estate investors are raking in the benefits, through those very popular townhouse rentals.

Sri Lanka

Another gorgeous sunny location, where you probably won’t think twice about investing in a second home is Sri Lanka. The government is encouraging foreigners to look at investment property within the country in a bid to accelerate development plans. You can now look at those fab coastal villas for sale in Sri Lanka since long leases of 99 years are now awarded to foreigners. (condition’s do apply) The option of purchasing outright, an apartment/condominium too via an upfront payment is now possible, many overseas buyers look at these buys as the perfect holiday rental, generating an income while remaining as a holiday home for whenever they choose to visit the tropical island. Besides, all of the above factors, the Sri Lankan Rupee remaining weak against the US Dollar, makes Sri Lanka property values very attractive to dollar buyers. A fact which makes Asia and country’s like Sri Lanka, popular amongst tourist, as some of the most lucrative property markets for foreign real estate investors.


Property prices in Lisbon can now be compared to real estate prices in Rome or Barcelona, but if you look around there are some good buys, specifically in areas which are yet to be redeveloped, which by the way make renovation projects some of the best property deals available in Lisbon and also Algarve. A good project to dabble in, the fixer-upper properties, aimed at becoming rentals are tipped to yield around 5% in income. That may not seem impressive, but for new investors breaking into the overseas real estate market, Portugal holds immense potential, especially looking at the tourism factor; which includes a large number of foreign retirees seeking to settle down in the country.

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