Setting Up a Holiday Let – Decorating and Furnishing

Setting Up a Holiday Let

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Have you found the perfect investment property in Galle and are you eager to turn the place into a popular holiday home on the south coast of Sri Lanka? Then do read on, as one of the top construction companies near Galle, we have some pretty awesome ideas for decorating and furnishing your holiday-let in Sri Lanka to garner maximum bookings.

Tip 1 – Don’t Buy All the Furniture From One Place When Decorating and Furnishing Your Holiday Let

After all, you don’t want your holiday villa to look like a catalogue from a particular store! Go for a mix and match ambience, with a few bespoke pieces to give the place a personal touch and reflection of the owner’s character. Offering professional property management services in Galle we at Double Vision often encourage clients to scour the rustic antique shops in the south of Sri Lanka for elegant pieces of décor which highlight a simple room.

Tip 2 – Make Practicality Key When Decorating Your Holiday Home

Ignore the light coloured carpeting, white linen and light coloured couch; although they make look classy, they will not withstand a constant influx of guests, especially children. Be practical choose comfort and durability over classy looks which will not last.

Tip 3 – Choose Quality but within Limits

Look at the durability of furniture and accessories when decorating your holiday home in Galle. Choosing quality over price will be beneficial in the long run as constant repairs and replacements will soon out-do the savings you make on buying cheap. You don’t, of course, have to go over-board, instead of cutting corners and creating a neglected vibe, which means guests do not return, you can make the best of what you have with a few quality items, an area our professional property development consultants can help you with.

Tip 4 – Maximise Space in your Holiday Villa

No matter the size of your property, ensure you utilise available space, a BBQ in a corner, a picnic table or nook for enjoying drinks all enhance the property, while a larger space can accompany a swimming pool; as swimming pool builders in Sri Lanka we offer a range of designs and sizes to choose from. Do talk to our consultants today and let us help turn your holiday let into one the most profitable properties you own.

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