Pool Renovations – 05 Ideas to Increase Your Pools Wow Factor

Ideas to Increase Your Pools Wow Factor

Top Pool Renovations Ideas From Galle’s Best Swimming Pool Contractors!

The best way to build up value and popularity of your holiday home in Sri Lanka is the addition of a pool or some jazzy renovations to the existing one. As popular swimming pool contractors in Galle, we have a few ideas we think will increase your pools ‘wow’ factor; do read on.

1. Put in Some Low-cost Additions

Fancy additions to your pool are the most cost-effective way of enhancing its features. You can contact swimming pool builders in Galle for creative ideas on quick and easy installations. Our suggestions comprise of adding LED lights which give pools an enchanting allure at night, mini waterfalls or some miniature fountains to increase water fun and make your holiday bungalow in Sri Lanka one of the most popular.

2. Change the Fencing

If your holiday bungalow is aimed at family holidaymakers, then no doubt your pool is guarded by a fence. You can enhance this feature too, by going for clear glass fences which allow parents to watch kids unobstructed while a wooden fence will blend into the rustic environments of Galle.

3. Go for Vinyl Pool Liners

Not only are vinyl pool liners cost-effective, they are also low-maintenance and can be replaced regularly to enhance the image of your pool. Talk our project managers about its durability and range of colours.

4. Enhance the Surroundings of Your Pool

The south coast of Sri Lanka is a charmer, the environs made up of swaying coconut palms, salty air and lush foliage can be used to enhance not only your pool but the entire property, at Double Vision we often have clients requesting for villa remodelling to make advantage of the beautiful surroundings, as such we suggest you make the most of garden space surrounding your pool with some additions; a patio, drinks area, BBQ pit or picnic table are all good enhancers to increase the value of your holiday let in Galle.

5. Go All Out With Your Pool Renovations in Galle

Go big! There is nothing better, talk to us about a complete makeover that will make your pool a real stunner and your holiday bungalow in Sri Lanka one of the most sought out amongst holidaymakers. Check out our range of designs and additions, you won’t regret it!

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