Interior Design Tips – How to Style a Holiday Cottage

Interior Design Tips

Ideas You Can Discuss With General Construction Companies in Galle

Owning a holiday home along the south coast of Sri Lanka is a lucrative investment, and if you are aiming at capitalising on this profitable venture, experts at villa construction in Sri Lanka, we at Double Vision have some valuable interior design tips on offer. After all, design is a key-factor to make your property stand out amongst the competition. Do read on for creative yet simple ideas you can discuss with general construction companies in Galle.

1. Create an Impressive Interior is a Tip on Styling Your Holiday Cottage

Your entire house must impress, while there are certain rooms which deserve a little more attention to detail in order to impress and entice potential customers. Rooms which will be most used must exude clean, modern, laid-back and stylish vibes. Guests should be impressed enough to imagine themselves relaxing in these spaces. Such rooms include the bedrooms, children’s rooms, living space, bathrooms and kitchen.

2. Focus on an Impressive Exterior

Create a kind of tropical oasis, with your exterior space, to offer customers a chance to escape and enjoy the exotic surroundings. Make ample use of sunny skies, tall coconut palms and the sultry weather packed with sea breezes when planning to renovate your Galle villa. Concentrate on the following points; garden, patio and front.

3. Concentrate on Focal Points

Once done with designing the main spaces, focus on each room and add a focal point; an object which draws the eye. You can adorn each room with one of these attention-grapping pieces. For example you can scour the local markets for interesting traditional antiques, native to the south coast of Sri Lankan. For example old brass lanterns, a converted toddy barrel serving as a chiller or wine cooler, an old canoe etc.   Choose one special piece for every room to give it character.

4. A Vibrant Colour Scheme

Decide on a colour scheme for every room, contrasting bold shades, add character and a vibrant ambience to spaces. 

5. Storage Space and Nooks

Make sure your rooms have plenty of storage space for guests to store luggage; adding a few bookshelves with reading material will show care and concern, while little nooks, bay windows overlooking a garden or ocean, will be charmers to entice guests to book your place. If you talk to our expert designers they will put you on the right track, work with your budget and oversee the entire project; let us help you create a haven in south Sri Lanka, talk to us today!

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