Interior Design Tips for Restaurants

Interior Design Tips for Restaurants

Some Ideas to Discuss With Building Contractors in Galle

Your restaurant in Galle may serve the most delectable cuisine, but it is the interior design which will first lure in customers, make them want to stay longer and keep coming back. As experienced building contractors in Galle, we have compiled a set of interior design tips for restaurants aimed at enhancing the popularity of your eatery.

1. Look at Creating an Alluring Entrance Design for Your Restaurant

Our construction project managers in Galle love getting creative on this aspect; especially since Double Vision knows how important the entrance to a restaurant is. Bold lighting, a catchy sign board and creative entrance area will not only make your restaurant in Galle noticeable but will also draw curious customers.

2. Pay Attention to the Lighting

Lighting does wonders to an interior, create the perfect cosy ambience within your eatery with the addition of soft lighting, candlelit tables for romantic restaurants or expensive chandeliers for classy diners are all ideas you can mull over.

3. Throw in a few Pieces of Pricy Artwork

Scour those rustic antique shops in Galle or along the south coast and you will find some unique pieces which will add a bespoke touch of class to your restaurant. You can create a personal design which reflects your style and adds some class with a few well-placed expensive pieces of artwork.

4. Consider the Colour Scheme

Colours have a huge impact on how your customers feel while generating the type of ambience you wish to create. Colours, when used with care, will turn your restaurant in a cosy chill-out spot or one that welcomes a large influx of customers per day, read our article on ‘how restaurant colour schemes affect customers’ to learn more.

5. Make Use of Old Stuff

A small restaurant can be given a lovely cosy and family vibe by using old accessories to decorate the place. Old vases turned into candle holders, floral printed curtains turned into tablecloths are all often seen at family owned restaurants in Galle. What’s your preference? Not sure yet? Talk to one of our construction project managers for further advice and tailor-made ideas to bring out a personal touch to your restaurant in Sri Lanka.

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