Interior Design Inspiration to Update Your Vacation Rental Home

Interior Design Inspiration
While alternatives to traditional accommodation, like vacation rentals grow in popularity, travellers are looking for a different experience. An attractive interior always has a way of luring in a crowd. One thing to remember when aiming to do up a property is that travellers want a different feel from a standard hotel, but amenities must be on par. If you need help redecorating, Villa designers in Sri Lanka or Construction companies in Galle are an option.

Vacation Rental Interior Design Ideas

Interior design can influence mood, and it’s important to set the right tone for guests. Many travellers return from their vacation inspired by the decor of the rental, they want to carry out interior design updates in their homes. Inspire your guests by showcasing local souvenirs like wall hangings, independent neighbourhood artists’ prints or ceramic collections.

Use a Color Palette That Suits Your Destination

If you’re painting, think about your destination to help decide color scheme. If you are using construction companies in Galle for your redecoration, they will point out that many beach destinations would have blues and turquoises in their interiors reflecting seaside shades. Countryside homes use natural palettes and woody elements to bring the outdoor feeling inside. 

Add a Pop of Colour

Reasons guests choose vacation rentals include to have a more authentic experience, and support small business as opposed to large conglomerates. Villa designers in Sri Lanka will tell you throw pillows made from local or traditional fabrics add a splash of color and tell an interesting story. Never overdo it with too many patterns and styles. 

Invest Eco-friendly

If your interior design is environmentally friendly it attracts more guests, and inspires them to change their behavior. Small changes, such as energy-efficient lighting and recycling facilities, help guests reconsider their own habits. A few houseplants will naturally filter air and create a green vibe.

Repurpose Found Objects

Look for great furniture pieces in flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, or even on the side of the street. There is a market for repurposed objects. Take a cue from your Pinterest boards and do some DIY: repurpose pallets as outdoor furniture, kitchen scales as towel holder or an old door as a headboard.

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