Identifying the Best Locations to Invest in Overseas Property

Identifying the Best Locations to Invest in Overseas Property
For many Australians looking at an investment property in overseas markets is a lucrative deal. And it is; especially when you’ve done your homework and are thinking like a professional. There are plenty of overseas property bargains to be snapped up as opposed to the rising cost of property in Australia; meaning it’s time to start diversifying your portfolio and Sri Lanka is looking pretty good, here’s a list of pros;
  • Enjoy a low entrance point – it’s easy to get into Sri Lanka’s property investment pool due to the lower up-front costs; with certain types of foreign investments in property been given a thumbs up, you are looking at lenient laws.
  • You are generating cash into a new currency – use the lucrative currency exchange rate to your benefit while adding diversity to your portfolio. There are of course the risks, with fluctuations in foreign currency rates, although this will not affect you badly when dealing with investments in Sri Lankan rupees, so go ahead and research the possibility of investing in those fab villas for sale in Sri Lanka.
  • You can look forward to a strong capital growth and also a lucrative rental return; while these factors do not reap benefits in Australia, you will be able to reap the benefits from a smart property investment in Sri Lanka, such as holiday rentals, after all, it’s a tropical island getaway.
  • Win against inflation – property is a physical investment which is always more than the paper value. It’s a good investment, which in turn protects your finances against inflation. After all, inflation means an increase in property prices and rent – win win situation folks!
  • Use it for personal and monetary value – as an overseas landowner in Sri Lanka, your property will serve two purposes, a holiday home for when you visit the sunny island and a sure income earner for when you need to bring in the cash.
  • Tax benefits always go hand in hand with encouraged overseas investments. Seek the help of a tax professional to know the full scope of your benefits.
Look forward to a foreign residency – foreign property owners are granted conditional residency in Sri Lanka depending on the value of their investment.

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