How To Make The Most Of Your £200k Budget For Your Sri Lankan Build

How To Make The Most Of Your £200k Budget For Your Sri Lankan Build
The South Coast around Galle and Unawatuna are ideal locations to build a house in Sri Lanka for under £200k. With such a budget you can afford to choose the ideal spot yet after that crucial decision the next step is a design to make the most of your budget. We provide a full construction service for new builds so here are some tips to making your Sri Lankan build a reality.

Consider Your Materials

One of the first decisions you should make is what materials to use. This will not be cheap so consider durability and life-span as well as the cost of maintenance. Take some time to work in the eco-credentials of your build, for instance getting the right wall insulation can save money on your energy bills over decades.

Impressive Interior

If you are looking to make the most of your budget then think long-term for the benefit of you, your guests and the planet by being eco-friendly. This need not be expensive and can include features such as energy-efficient lighting and even some houseplants as natural air filters. There are also some simple interior design tips to consider such as a vibrant colour scheme and by focusing on focal points in each room including flamboyant local antiques.

An Outdoor Space To Impress

The budget for your Sri Lankan build should have room for a swimming pool yet this can soon be an expensive feature, especially if you are looking to build a holiday beach villa for under £150k. Look into an above ground swimming pool as these are usually a cheaper alternative to building one in the ground due to reduced expenses on raw material such as cement, tiles and an expensive pump system. This will be a valuable investment so research how to build a pool first then look at how to design your pool. Your outdoor space should also include an outdoor kitchen to entertain guests with a barbeque and pool party.