How to Furnish Your Vacation Rental for the Best Guest Experience

How to Furnish Your Vacation Rental
Whether you’re renting out a spare bedroom or your entire home, these furnishing tips will help elevate your holiday rental to the next level. However, if you are looking for professional help you could consider hiring one of the many Property maintenance companies, or Design architects.

Decide on a Design Theme

Figure out the design appropriate for your target audience. The furniture and style choices will differ depending on whether you’re catering to families, business travellers, or budget backpackers. Take into account the property’s surroundings: A property by the beach may require a breezy, bungalow feel, while an apartment in a city requires modern minimalism. Design architects will warn you not to over-decorate.

Mix Store-Bought With Second Hand

Don’t break the bank when it comes to furnishing your rental with quality pieces. A mix of store-bought items and secondhand pieces is a great way to style your property on a budget. Consider the durability and lifespan of furniture before purchasing.

Show Personality Through Small Touches

Create a memorable space by selecting statement pieces to add interest to a room. Local art is a great way to add character. Low-maintenance plants and mirrors brighten up space. Property maintenance companies can keep an eye on these things for you.

Living Area

Since the living room is the first space most will see, it should have personality. But keep in mind that it needs to be inviting, cosy, communal. When selecting a couch, consider purchasing a pullout sofa bed to increase the number of guests you can accommodate.


The bedroom is an important part of any rental. Comfortable beds with quality linens are vital. Don’t skimp on the mattress and bedding. Add good bedside lamps and tables. Have enough breathing room for guests to move around, unpack, and store their luggage. 


One reason people prefer short-term housing rentals to hotels is because of the access to a kitchen. Keep your kitchen stocked with basic appliances and tableware. Consider easy-to-clean items and countertops to reduce housekeeping demands.


A well-lit, airy bathroom with good plumbing is important. Provide complimentary toiletries along with a hair dryer. Soft, good quality, matching towels can give a comfortable and luxurious feel to any traveler.

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