How to Furnish Your Holiday Rental for Added ‘wow Factor’

How to Furnish Your Holiday Rental

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As one of the busiest construction companies near Galle we know that the perfect design and proper completion of your holiday home in Sri Lanka is only the first step; the final ‘wow factor for your holiday rental is added via furniture. Here are some tips on what to choose and how to decide.

1. Don’t Purchase All Items From One Store

Mix and match for an eclectic effect’ experiment to create dramatic looks which is also a reflection of your character. Ask the best real estate agent in Galle about décor and they will tell you to go for spacious airy looks with carefully placed bits of furniture. At Double Vision we find that customers refurbishing or constructing their holiday homes through us find the south coast antique stores are treasure troves for picking-up mix and match bits of vintage furniture and ornaments; ideal for a local touch too.

2. Opt for a Personal Touch, Within Limits

Leaving behind a few clues to your personality through décor will add a cosy feel to your holiday rental in Galle, Sri Lanka. A guitar stored on a side denoting you’re a lover of music, a collection of dog eared novels to show the owner is an avid reader perhaps, are all items which make your décor more ‘personal’. Subtlety is the key though, too much of your ‘personal’ stuff strewn around the place will not look cool. Go for slight hints of what kind of person the owner may be and you add to that air of mystique which makes guests appreciate your beautifully decorated house.

3. Avoid Buying Cheap Furniture

Do keep in mind that the furniture you buy is an investment in your holiday home, plus, it should be durable, able to withstand constant use by varied types of guests. Buying cheap is just a one-off saving, when you have to constantly replace stuff, that saving is lost. Go for quality furniture at a higher price and save loads in the long run.

4. Practicality Matters When Furnishing Your Holiday Home

Fine bone china in the kitchen will not last an influx of guests, especially if you are letting your holiday home to families with children. Avoid white upholstery and pale colour carpets; in short, be practical and foresee the durability of each item you add. Go ahead and let your imagination flow while decorating your Sri Lanka holiday-rental while letting our dedicated project managers oversee the construction of your new holiday home in Sri Lanka.

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