How to Choose the Best Colour for a Restaurant

How to Choose the Best Colour for a Restaurant

Some Ideas to Share With Your Construction Workers in Galle, Sri Lanka

The colour of your Galle restaurant represents the brand you have built-up and greatly influences the ambience you wish to create for customers to enjoy a meal. Therefore, careful thought must be given to choosing the right shade for your eatery and explaining your brand image to construction workers in Galle overseeing your renovation or building project is crucial. At Double Vision we understand the strong influence colour has over a brand and strive to protect and project that factor by establishing the right image through careful colour selections; hence the tips displayed in this article come from experience and expertise in the field of holiday home and hotel design on Sri Lanka’s south coast.

1. Best Colours to Choose for a Restaurant

Warm colours such as reds, yellows and oranges are known to increase appetite and are often colours chosen for a restaurant. Red stands out as a colour which induces impulse eating, so if you want your guests to order the range, starting from appetisers, red is your choice. Green too is another popular colour for eateries as the colour denotes ‘freshness’; while green may be inappropriate for a steakhouse, it works well for a sandwich shop or fresh salad bar. Likewise in order to make that overall look last over time, visit the best construction materials suppliers in Galle when buying supplies, to ensure the quality and vibrancy of your paint lasts over the years.

2. Colours to Avoid in a Restaurant

Colours to avoid in your restaurant are blues and purples; while blue is quite popular as a colour, due to its calming nature, it does not work well in a restaurant as the colour does not influence any food cravings. This is attributed to the fact that blue, and purple as well, are not colours we see naturally occurring in food; apart for artificially coloured food like cotton candy and smarties. 

3. Enhance Your Restaurants ‘look’ With Neutral Colours

Brown, black, white, grey and beige tones; incorporated into the main colour scheme offer a touch of sophistication to your restaurant. Especially brown and black, create a classy look and is often used in fine dining restaurants to accentuate the ambience. There you have 3 angles around which you can use colour to enhance the look of your restaurant; the key factor is getting the job done right, within your budget and with quality work; you could contact us for all this and more when looking at revamping your Galle restaurant.

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