How To Build Your Ideal Holiday Home In Sri Lanka For Under £150k

How To Build Your Ideal Holiday Home In Sri Lanka
If you are considering building your holiday home in Sri Lanka you will likely be aware of the multitude of clever design tips that can bring your dream property to life at a modest budget. These designs do not have to be grand, they simply have to meet your needs and the requirements in your budget. As a full construction service for residential projects we have a few tips for how to build your holiday house and beach villa for under £150k.

Simple Look And Design

Simplicity is key. Go through your plan and iron out all those details so that when it comes to the build the design is straightforward and matches your needs. Be strict with your square footage so you know where certain features in your living space will be then work with that. Once the design makes complete sense on paper it should work wonders for you when it is built.

Smart Storage Space

Should there be limits to the space you have to work with then be clever with storage. This is especially important if you are looking to build a house for under £100k or even with an increased budget to build a holiday home for under £120k. Open plan living means a more sociable living space, more room for guests as well as an abundance of natural light yet should still be comfortable to spend time in. You do not want clutter so ensure that there are hideaways for guests to store luggage, bookshelves to add some colour with reading material and little nooks to store small items.

Sustainable Furnishings

Furnishings are crucial for any property yet ensuring good, durable quality is preferable in ensuring that you keep costs down. Opt for practicality and avoid white upholstery and fine bone china, neither of which are essential in a holiday home. You can still furnish your home with a wow factor by choosing to shop around for good quality furniture in the local markets then haggling with the price.