How to Build Your Dream Luxury Villa in South Sri Lanka For Under £400k

How to Build Your Dream Luxury Villa in South Sri Lanka

Building your dream villa along the south coast of Sri Lanka can offer up a wealth of options. If you have a budget of £400k you may be wondering which aspects of your design project to focus on. Whether it is the impressive exterior, the luxurious indoor design or the smart home tech. In this article we will look at how to build your dream luxury villa in Sri Lanka for under £400k.

A Pool Area With The Wow Factor

South Sri Lanka is known for its coastline and beach life. Your dream villa should include space to revel in the sunshine, for relaxing with family and entertaining friends. Ideally, your outside area should include a luxury swimming pool which enhances your outdoor space. Not only that, you can plan your pool area to offer a focal point of contrasting, darker colours which also keep the temperature warmer. A swim-up bar means you and your guests can enjoy cocktails without leaving the pool while a sun shelf is great for sunbathing. Consider a hot tub, especially worthwhile for parties and those evenings after a stressful day.

Future Features

Smart home technology can include settings to make your dream villa just the way you like it. The lightning and heating can be adjustable for whatever time of day, year or occasion. You could even set your pool lighting, temperature and playlist to suit your pool party simply from a phone app.

Indoor Indulgences

This is your dream villa so ensure that every indulgence that you can imagine is met. These can range from the sleek and stylish design to those extras that are set to impress. The standalone bath you have always wanted and those antiques that show off your personality. Use the space that you have to ensure that you have a comfortable and envious living space when you are building your coastal dream villa. Luxury items should include a king size bed, high-end toiletries, comfortable linens and towels as well as a spacious kitchen with the equipment you crave, as well as a dishwasher.