How Restaurant Colour Schemes Affect Your Customers

How Restaurant Colour Schemes Affect Your Customers

The Best Tips From Property Developers in Galle

Did you know your restaurant colour scheme has a direct impact on your customers; such as the amount of time they spend at your eatery and most importantly, how they feel, which invariably affects their appetite. Hence, as top property developers in Galle, with professional expertise, we offer you tips on choosing the best colour scheme for your restaurant, do read on.

1. How ‘light’ Colours in Your Restaurant Affect Customers

Light colours are white, light grey, pale yellow, beige and ivory. These colours are used to make a small space look bigger while inducing a relaxed and laid-back ambience to the room. Perfect if your restaurant in Galle is a bistro or classy little café encouraging guests to ‘chill-out’. Not ideal though, if your eatery is a bigger place, needing a constant influx of guests.

2. The ‘dark’ Colour Scheme for Your Hip Restaurant

Dark colours are dark green, navy, crimson and brown. Trendy restaurants, upscale bistros and chic bars will benefit from these colour schemes as they evoke romantic and intimate vibes. Mind you don’t add too much of the dark colours or else your restaurant will feel confined and even slightly claustrophobic; as construction workers in Galle we know the value of maximising space in small areas.

3. The ‘warm’ Colour Conspiracy for Fast Turnovers

Gold, red, terracotta, orange and yellow are considered warm colours. Perfect for visual stimulation, these colours add excitement and a cheery atmosphere to the place. These colours because of their brightness, do become irritating after some time and are perfect if you want a high turnover of customers; the ideal colour scheme for fast food outlets, buffets and casual diners!

4. The ‘earthy’ Colour Scheme for Laid-back Eateries

Dark orange, umber, brown, beige and olive green are earthy colours, which reflect shades found in nature. Health food cafes and casual restaurants in Galle will benefit from these colours which denote a relaxed and welcoming ambience.

5. ‘pastel’ Colours to Enhance Décor

Light yellow, pink, pale green, lavender, sky blue are colours which can easily blend in to tone down other colour schemes. As they are neutral colours you can use them in addition to the main colour scheme; for the perfect blend, you can talk to one of our professional construction agents who will no doubt help make your restaurant the talk of the town.

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