How Much Does It Cost to Buy a House in Sri Lanka?

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a House in Sri Lanka

Residential Property Prices in Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo 24 bedroomsUSD 5,980View
Colombo 35 bedroomsUSD 93,600View
Colombo 35 bedroomsUSD 2,302,560View
Colombo 34 bedroomsUSD 85,800View
Colombo 53 bedroomsUSD 416,000View
Colombo 54 bedroomsUSD 520,000View
Colombo 55 bedroomsUSD 936,000View
Colombo 64 bedroomsUSD 231,400View
Colombo 64 bedroomsUSD 624,000View
Colombo 85 bedroomsUSD 910,000View
Colombo 84 bedroomsUSD 910,000View
Colombo 83 bedroomsUSD 910,000View
Piliyandala4 bedroomsUSD 114,400View
Kasbawa3 bedroomsUSD 78,000View
Kasbawa4 bedroomsUSD 101,400View
Kasbawa2 bedroomsUSD 70,200View
Mount Lavinia3 bedroomsUSD 171,600View
Mount Lavinia4 bedroomsUSD 114,400View
Mount Lavinia4 bedroomsUSD 114,400View
Mount Lavinia3 bedroomsUSD 439,400View
Mount Lavinia4 bedroomsUSD 161,200View
Mount Lavinia5 bedroomsUSD 455,000View

Residential Property Prices in South Coast Sri Lanka

Bentota5 bedroomsUSD 67,600View
Hikkaduwa4 bedroomsUSD 213,200View
Hikkaduwa4 bedroomsUSD 62,400View
Galle5 bedroomsUSD 361,400View
Galle5 bedroomsUSD 83,200View
Galle5 BedroomsUSD 361,400View
Galle4 BedroomsUSD 254,800View
Galle3 bedroomsUSD 130,000View
Galle2 bedroomsUSD 60,102View
Galle6 BedroomsUSD 336,700View
Unawatuna3 bedroomsUSD 510,538View
Ahangama5 bedroomsUSD 425,880View
Ahangama3 bedroomsUSD 343,200View
Dikwella2 bedroomsUSD 240,500View
Weligama4 bedroomsUSD 161,200View