How Do I Decide? Tips on Restaurant Renovations

Tips on Restaurant Renovations

When Working With Property Management Services in Galle

Are you considering a facelift for your restaurant, is it located along the sunny south coast of Sri Lanka? then we present some fab ideas to not only make your eatery more appealing but one that will make holidaymakers stop by every time they visit the coast. Offering a host of property management services in Galle, we at Double Vision take you on a step by step guide to planning you next restaurant renovation.

1. Start Your Restaurant Renovations in Galle by Analysing the Competition

The best way to decide on the type of renovations suitable for your restaurant is to check out a successful one located close to yours. Walk in grab a table and make note of the following;
  • How does the exterior of the restaurant look? What does the signage look like? Are both welcoming and appealing?
  • As you walk in how warm and courteous are the staff
  • How are the ambience and décor?
  • Is the menu easy to understand
  • Is the service professional and well-organised, how do they make it happen?
  • What type of special detail goes into the glasses, plates and staff uniforms?
  • Are there elements you don’t like, which also exist in your eatery?
Analyse the following at several local restaurants, until you have comprehensive details on how things work and which changes you need to make to be successful. As one of the top villa construction companies in Sri Lanka, we know that special attention to detail does indeed impact the overall image of a place.

2. Talk to Your Customers

Does it not make sense? Getting your customers input before making any big renovations and changes to your restaurant will be invaluable, after all its them you are catering to and hoping for a continues business from. Start by making light conversation with your customers as they are finishing their meals; asking them about where you can improve, will leave not only make you stand out as a service provider who cares but one who takes pleasing customers seriously.

3. Enlist the Services of an Advisor

In other words, host a walk-through, have the person start from the car park and work their way through the entire ‘dining-in’ process. Take the criticism constructively and look at positively improving on areas which need more attention. If you are still struggling to decide on the perfect renovation for your restaurant, talk to one of our professional consultants for tailor-made ideas and quality service.

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