Holiday Cottages – Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips
The Best Tips for Villa Construction in Sri Lanka The south coast of Sri Lanka is perfect for planning construction of your coastal holiday home; have you already found the perfect property you hope will be a great investment cum holiday retreat? Then do read on. Our tips on villa construction in Sri Lanka come with loads of experience as one of the top construction companies in Galle, Sri Lanka.

1. Focus on ‘simplicity’ When Refurbishing Your Holiday Cottage

Clean lines create a simple elegant look; make sure your holiday villa is not cluttered shows off loud designs, such as bold colours and patterns. A few personalised accessories carefully placed randomly give off a cosy and homely vibe; use cushions, rugs and soft lighting to create this effect. Do keep your colour scheme subtle but interesting, not too boring, but not too garish to put off potential guests.

2. Consider Guests Comfort When Designing Your Holiday Home

If you want your holiday home to be successful and booked right throughout the season, make sure it’s the kind of place guests can truly relax at. Comfortable beds, sofas and little nooks will have both a relaxed and homely vibe. Also, ensure there is plenty of storage space for guests, especially when considering families as your target audience.

3. Add a Touch of Class

Bring up the standard of your holiday home in Galle, by simply adding a few luxury items. Include a few branded toiletries, place luxurious towels and linens and make sure the kitchen is equipped with proper cutlery, glasses and maybe even a dishwasher. You could also add a few board games as well as a few essentials for rainy weather, such as umbrellas.

4. Make Use of Space

We often advise clients on maximum use of space, as specialists in pool construction, we often find the addition of a pool uplifts the value of the property and enhances the allure of your villa in Galle. Make use of whatever garden space you have. Add a BBQ pit, an area for drinks or maybe a picnic table for enjoying meals outdoors.

5. Consider the Type of Guests You Aim to Attract

A small holiday cottage with one or two rooms will appeal to couples or small family while bigger properties will attract groups of friends and family get-togethers. Depending on this target audience you can decide on the additions, a hot tub and some romantic nooks for couples or a Ping-Pong table and other family friendly accessories for larger groups. Come talk to us, as a sought out construction company in Galle Double Vision has both expertise and loads of interior design ideas for your holiday villa in Sri Lanka.

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