Here are Some Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Sri Lanka

Some Lucrative Small Business Ideas in Sri Lanka
Located on the gorgeous Indian Ocean, the island of Sri Lanka is fast expanding. Infrastructure is good; the government is ambitious to accelerate the development process and the economy on the rise. Foreign direct investors have been given the green light to proceed with many incentives on offer. The purchase of investment property for example, is now a viable option with many laws governing foreign ownership of land being relaxed.

Let’s Look at the Most Viable Small Business Investments in Sri Lanka

  • Land ownership – Foreign ownership of land is possible now on the sunny island. You may purchase a condominium, provided the rest of the complex is owned by a percentage of locals too. The perfect holiday rental and income earner type property, which can also double up as your ‘holiday home’ for when you visit the tropics. The coastal villas for sale in Sri Lanka too are enticing buys, also serving the dual purpose of being an investment asset and personal lodging.
  • Online Marketing – Ideal for those of you with a reserved budget to start off with, online marketing is quite the trend in Sri Lanka. The kind of small business you can start off with low-overheads, this can be a one man operation until ready to expand.
  • SEO Marketing – For individuals possessing a good knowledge of search engine optimisation techniques, starting up a small business in the field of SEO marketing in Sri Lanka will yield many benefits. There are a number of companies that have grown into big businesses in this field by simply having the know-how and expertise to bring up clients rankings on Google.
  • Export Import Business in Sri Lanka – Export/Import business is wholly recommended in Sri Lanka, with the government giving foreign investors the thumbs up to proceed. You can break into the garment industry which has its own perks or start a small production business in the fields of spices, rubber, coconut by products etc.
These are just a few of the lucrative small business ventures viable to be conducted in Sri Lanka. Do your research well and you will see many new avenues, like the Sri Lanka property market, opening up to foreign investors.

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