Guide to Looking for Property Developers in Galle

How to find property developers in Galle

How to Find the Right Property Manager for Your Property in Galle

A good property manager can help you maximize your property investment. Make your search for property developers in Galle, a thorough and well-thought-out process. This should include trustworthy referrals, research and if possible face-to-face interviews.


The most powerful and reliable tool to find out the trustworthiness of property developers is word of mouth, especially so in Sri Lanka. Ask your family and friends or other expats that you can trust to suggest property developing companies. Make a list of property managers or companies based on the suggestions and make note of companies that various sources mention. Referrals can sometimes be biased but they can help you get started.

Focus on Companies That Have Experience in Managing Propertie

Some property developers focus more on sales rather than managing rental properties. You would be better off with a property manager who is experienced and have the right type of personality to manage rentals properties. You should look for someone who is good at negotiating the best possible rental return on your property. In addition find out if they have already developed good relations with suppliers, contractors and maintenance workers in Galle.


Search for current rentals in Galle to see where the property managers advertise and the quality of their services. Read online review from tenants to figure out if these property managers are capable of keeping tenants happy. Find out how they have handled tenant complaints to understand the quality of customer service that the property managers provide.

Interview Shortlisted Companies

This is an important step. You’ll be entering into a business relationship with the chosen property developer. You need to find out if they fit your needs and whether you feel at ease with them. If you possibly can, meet them face to face.  Ask questions about their experience in managing property similar to yours. They should be able to confidently explain about their services and understating of laws and regulations with regard to rentals in Sri Lanka.

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