Everything You Need to Know About Renovating a Restaurant

You Need to Know About Renovating a Restaurant

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Remodel your restaurant in Galle to attract more business and keep up with trending styles. While renovations may seem like a daunting task, the statistics reveal that a refurbishment of an eatery yields a 40% increase in sales. As one of the premier construction companies in Galle, we have compiled a list of facts to consider when renovating a restaurant.

Let’s Look at the Logistics of Renovating a Restaurant – the Costs!

Costs vary, depending on the scale of your business, location and scope. As experts in villa construction in Galle, our project managers will be happy to supply you with an estimated cost, depending on the type of work you want done. Such quotes are good benchmarks to have when planning a budget for your restaurant remodelling work. Based on a rough quote you should look at the following factors;
  • Your present sales
  • Current expenses
  • Your eligibility for financing
  • How much can you contribute from personal funds
As our experts often inform clients, budgets for remodelling an eatery should be based on the restaurant type. For example, a fast food outlet does not have to go in for expensive remodelling in comparison to a high-end restaurant.

Consider Staying Open During the Remodel Phase

Staying open during your restaurant remodel would be the ideal plan; you get your renovation done while continuing to earn and service your regulars. Consider the following;
  • Place an announcement outside the restaurant to inform customers of renovations taking place
  • Teach your servers to add an apology to the greeting while informing customers of new changes to expect
  • Contain the work areas, so, dust, paint particles and smells don’t enter the kitchen or service area
Speak to the Double Vision team about quick remodel ideas, a paint job, landscape etc. which can easily change the image of your eatery at low-costs. Make use of our expertise, cost-effective services and quality work for a quick and impressive remodel of your restaurant in Sri Lanka.

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