Asian Countries Where Foreigners Can Buy Land

Asian Countries Where Foreigners Can Buy Land
Some of the world most lucrative real estate markets are located within Asia. Listed below are five countries and the criteria which allow foreigners to buy and own land in Asia.


Foreign land ownership regulations in Malaysia are pretty transparent; boasting some of South East Asia’s most favourable regulations with relatively low risks of ending up in an ownership dispute. In Malaysia you can own:
  • strata titled properties or rather condos, sharing common spaces with the owners of other units in the same complex
  • Own land on a tenure basis, a unique concept even if certain types of land ownership is off limits to foreigners
Types of land foreign investors can buy
  • Vacant land
  • Commercial land
  • Residential land
While regulations for purchasing these lands differ by state, you will also need the approval of certain state authorities.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka too is encouraging foreigners to look at investment property within the island. There are of course regulations and certain restrictions.
  • Companies having a 50% foreign stake in ownership and listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange are permitted to buy land in Sri Lanka
  • Foreigners investing over US$ 250,000 in Sri Lanka will be granted a resident visa, time to maybe look at those beautiful villas for sale in Sri Lanka?
  • The creation of the Sri Lanka ‘Real Estate Investment Trust’ (REITS) too is looking very lucrative to both local and foreign investors. Thus the number of foreign investors considering the purchase of a holiday rental as a lucrative property investment is on the rise.


Although not an absolute favourite amongst property investors, Japan is still considered a lucrative field. Places like Hokkaido are popular amongst foreign land buyers looking at personal likes such as skiing. Due to Japan’s, transparent property ownership systems, the perks are equally good for both local and foreign landowners.


Singapore land ownership while being a lucrative investment requires the following criteria to be met, before you are granted permission (as a foreigner) to buy.
  • Make an application to the Singapore Land Authority
  • Possess a permanent residency of at least 5 years
  • Make weighty financial contributions
You will be defined as a non-foreigner if you fall under the following;
  • Citizen of Singapore
  • Singapore company
  • Hold a Singapore limited liability partnership or society

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