Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Enhance Your Villa Construction in Galle

While swimming pool types vary between the infinity kind, saltwater, spa pools etc. only two kinds can be built – the ground level pool and above ground swimming pool. This article explores the above ground swimming pool which can be added to your villa construction in Galle.

The Beginnings of the Above Ground Pool

The above ground pool began somewhere in the 1920’s and early 1930’s; a time when only the very affluent owned a pool in their backyard. Cheap portable pools, probably the very first prototype for an above ground pool were invented to make pools available to everyone. Metal struts and wooden barrels were the materials used for the creation of the pools which had no water circulation system; hence a manual draining and refilling of water had to be done in order to keep the pool water fresh. As Swimming pool contractors in Galle, we are proud to say the modern above ground pool has advanced in leaps and bounds to make it one of the most popular choices amongst customers building holiday villas in Galle.

An Above Ground Pool is Cheaper

Installing and maintaining an above ground pool is much cheaper to the traditional one made in the ground. For starters, you can work with a smaller budget since you don’t have to pay contractors to dig a hole in the ground or buy raw material such as cement, tiles and an expensive pump system. Besides, if you talk to a project manager at Double Vision you will be able to choose a pool design which fits your budget.

The Features Are Almost the Same

The modern above the ground pools are tough competitors to the traditional in-ground type, as the former now offer additions such as slides and waterfalls. So, the same benefits at a cheaper cost; sounds pretty enticing, don’t you think?

Enjoy Fast Installation

Busy with the construction of your holiday villa in Galle? Then the last thing you need to worry about is additional planning and building of the pool. Not with the above ground type pool, installation is simply a few hours, a day or two maybe if you decide to construct a sun-deck, which our project managers will handle for you with expertise.

Lower Maintenance

The above ground pools being smaller in size require less chemicals and cleaning; hence maintenance and costs are lower. Convinced enough, talk to us for more details on adding a pool to your holiday rental in Galle.

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