A Guide to Adding a Pool to Your Villa in Sri Lanka

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Tips for Pool Construction on Your Property in Galle

A pool is going to be a valuable investment to add to your property in Galle. Since villa construction in Sri Lanka is going to present a set of different challenges from what you are used to elsewhere, approach pool building with due consideration to all aspects of the process. Our pool building guide can help you get started.


More often than not, your villa guests will include kids. When you design the pool have them in your mind. The pool should ideally accommodate a deck and there should be a logical progression from the house to the pool. Make sure that the pool is an extension of the rest of the villa and not a separate entity. This will help your guests truly feel at home. Galle is usually sunny and warm but torrential rains tend to make sudden appearances. Keep this in mind when you discuss the design with your architect. You might want to keep part of the pool in the shade of trees so that guest can enjoy the pool even on extremely sunny days. But remember that you will need to maintain the pool well to keep off leaves from disintegrating and prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the water. Mosquitoes prefer to lay eggs on clean water.


Think twice before using light coloured paving products for your pool. These stain readily and are hard to clean, especially in a tropical climate. If you wish to use light coloured material, go for a design with colour mottling. A combination of light coloured pool interior and dark paving outside is perhaps one of the best choices available for a tropical pool. However, if you build the pool in direct sunlight, you can even go for a dark pool interior. Use various pot plants and garden beds to make the pool area appear as natural and aesthetically pleasing as possible.