8 Common Room Layout Mistakes to Avoid

Common Room Layout Mistakes to Avoid
Planning the layout of a home is never easy, however, and effective layout of your home will save you time and money. Companies who build villas know that planning is crucial. So is the size of your actual furniture and whether the layout is functional for your lifestyle. Before hiring Property developers in Galle, take a look at our guide to common room layout mistakes to avoid. 

Mismatching Your Floor Plan and Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is what should influence the layout of your new home. If you host guests regularly – don’t put the guest toilet on a different floor. If you have outside space, make sure it is accessible from the living area and not through a private space. Consult Companies who build villas, or Property developers in Galle for more insight.

Form vs. Function

Things may look good on paper but make sure your layout works for you. Imagine yourself going about your daily routine, highlighting any potential functional challenges. A kitchen too far from the front or side entrance means you will have to carry heavy groceries a long way through the house. 

Neglecting to Create Enough Storage

Not including the right amount of storage or the right type of storage is a costly mistake. No architect or planner knows what you need to store better than you do, so being involved in the storage planning process is essential. Adequate storage is critical to avoid clutter, and creating an organised, safer and calm space.

Treating Furniture as an Afterthought

Finding the right place or position for your furniture is a challenge. It’s especially difficult with an open plan environment. as with less walls there’ll be less wall space against to place furniture. To avoid this pitfall create a layout drawing with scaled furniture drawn onto it early on in the design process.

Being Insensitive to Existing Infrastructure

Most infrastructure, like structural walls and drainage pipes are hidden. So the cost of repositioning your bathroom to another side, away from the drain may be expensive and may cause problems. Work with your environment wherever possible.

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