5 Interior Design Tips to Help you Get more Bookings

Interior Design Tips to Help you
Villa designers in Sri Lanka will tell you interior design plays an important role when renovating your vacation rental in Galle. If the pictures of your property don’t look inviting and don’t make guests feel at home, you won’t get good reviews that encourage bookings as Airbnb property managers in Galle will point out. Here are some tips for creating a special space that travellers can’t resist when looking for places to stay in Galle. 

Give your Vacation Rental More Personality

Travellers choose a vacation rental over a hotel to have a local experience. Many Airbnb property managers in Galle will point out that you need to inject personality into your decor. Decorate with driftwood found at the beach or art from a local painter. Use colours or patterns that say something about the region. Make your place stand out.

Manage your Clutter

Villa designers in Sri Lanka will stress the importance of keeping clutter under control. Organize everything so your property doesn’t look messy or chaotic. Create a neutral space where guests can relax and unwind on vacation.

Create a Comfortable Layout

Put some thought into the layout and consider how guests will use the space. Don’t just fill your rooms with furniture. If your living room furniture is too spread out, it’ll feel disjointed. It’s better to arrange seating around a central focal point, like a coffee table or a fireplace. This invites people to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

Invest in Durable and Comfortable Furnishings

Even if on a budget, it’s wise to invest in quality furniture and decor. Skimping on good linens is a rookie mistake. Splurge on good quality commercial linens and solid furniture that will bear the wear and tear. Secure the basics – quality linens, sturdy furniture, warm blankets – and add other luxury items over time.

Every Detail Counts

Just owning a vacation home isn’t enough. It’s important to continue investing your time and money into great guest experiences. You’ll struggle to get bookings if you have generic decor, mismatched linens, and an uninspiring listing. A successful vacation rental requires the whole package.

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