10 Tips for Maximising Returns on Holiday Homes and Buy-to-lets

Tips for Maximising Returns on Holiday Homes

Projects to Discuss With Construction Companies in Galle Sri Lanka!

A holiday home in Sri Lanka is a good investment, especially if you have tied up with one of the best construction companies in Galle, Sri Lanka.   The holiday home rental market is buzzing along Sri Lanka’s south coast and since we at Double Vision also serve as professional remodelling contractors in Galle the following tips will help you rake in maximum returns on your coastal holiday home.

1. Location of Your Holiday Home in Sri Lanka

Research location; consider where and what type of holiday home you are planning to build. Our expert designers will be happy to help you out with design and practicality.

2. Choose the Right Building Contractor in Galle

Choose a reputable construction company in Galle once you start planning your holiday home. If you are considering the construction as a future investment you need a solid, quality complex, with minimum maintenance in the long-run.

3. Consider the Hidden Costs

When investing in the construction of a holiday home, make sure all costs are laid out up-front. Your construction agent must be a professional and advice you on hidden charges, fees and commissions due.

4. Have Competitive Rates

Once your holiday home is on the market, don’t try to be extravagant and niche by charging rates above the norm. Research and make sure you stay within the range for holiday home-rentals in Galle and the south coast. This way you attract more customers.

5. Invest in Durable Furniture

A holiday home which has a constant influx of guests must consist of solid furniture able to withstand regular use. A one-off investment in quality furniture will save you loads in the long-run.

6. Upload Enticing Photos

Image says a lot, and you need some professional shots out there to promote your holiday home in Sri Lanka. A picture speaks a million words; make sure yours are enticing enough to garner further investigations by interested guests.

7. Discounts Allures

Think ahead, when off-peak seasons will see a slump in your returns by offering alluring discounts during peak season to increase your bookings!

8. Get Those Ratings

Encourage your guests to provide feedback and reviews online, positive evaluations are great propaganda for your property, while criticism helps you improve.

9. Add in Extras

Go the extra mile and offer some extras; a dog-friendly property perhaps, barbeques on the beach etc. all work to draw more interest from customers.

10. Add a Unique Touch

Talk to us about making your property unique and a ‘stand-out-place’ from all the rest. Our skilled designers know just how to add a touch of your personality to the property.

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