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Restaurant upgrades are necessary to generate more business. Have you already saved up for remodelling your restaurant but are worried about the loss of business during the construction period? How do you juggle between those needed renovations and additions, and still stay open for business? As one of the more experienced building construction companies in Galle we at Double Vision have a few suggestions you can discuss with property developers in Galle; do read on.

1. Communicate With Customers About Remodelling Your Restaurant

Manage your customers’ ‘expectations’, a simple sign outside your eatery to indicate there is on-going construction work will be a good heads-up to customers on what to expect.

2. Adjust your Greeting

Instruct your servers to add an explanation about the on-going construction work, apologise for the inconvenience and let customers know of new and exciting changes taking place.

3. Properly Isolate the Work Area

If your restaurant renovations include painting and other work which causes toxic particulars to cause health risks, make sure the construction area is properly contained. Section off the restaurant and seal the construction area so no health risks are posed to customers or within the kitchen area.

4. Maintain Proper Air Flow

Contain the airflow, in order to avoid particulars and unpleasant smells travelling via airflow and getting into the kitchen and service area where food is exposed. As professional property developers in Galle, we pay careful attention to such detail, which is why you need to go with the best.

5. Do Construction Work After Hours

To maintain maximum normalcy and keep your customers happy, consider remodelling work after your restaurant has closed down. Yes, you will have to pay for those extra hours but weighing the pros and cons against business and keeping your regular customers happy, you may find it beneficial. There are other details too, such as safeguarding your records, acquiring the proper permits and staying well organised which will help not only help keep your business open during the construction phase but will keep you organised; for this you need professional help which is why our construction consultants are happy to offer the best advice, do contact us today!

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