05 Tips for Renovating Your Hotel Restaurant

Tips for Renovating Your Hotel Restaurant

Ideas to Discuss With Construction Companies in Galle!

In this article we at Double Vision as one of the top construction companies in Galle, offer you tips on renovating your hotel restaurant, a key factor bringing in more guests. Galle on the south coast of Sri Lanka is a popular coastal destination amongst sun-worshipers out to savour the allure of the Indian Ocean. Investing in or already owning a hotel along this coastal strip is lucrative; read for ideas on further enhancing your business.

1. Outline a Plan for Renovating Your Hotel Restaurant

You must tie-up with a contractor offering the best construction management in Galle, since planning and coordination is key when planning a facelift for your hotel’s restaurant. Research the market and your competition and decide what you must add and what’s not needed. Some ideas to consider include;
  • Deep cleaning your kitchen
  • A revamp with paint and finish
  • Change upholstery and lighting
  • Enhance ambience

2. Decide on a Budget With Your Construction Company in Galle

A remodel or renovation will always have hidden costs, taking off part of the plastering may reveal dry rot, for example. Hence, you need to set a budget for the remodelling and set-aside some extra cash too for these additional repairs which will crop up.

3. Decide on Revenue Generating Additions

Decide on which aspect of your restaurant to enhance; the bar, for instance, will be a focal point; make it bigger, laidback and more attractive so customers enjoy relaxing and chilling there. Increasing the ambience of your dining room will also set the right mood, encouraging outside customers to frequent the place more often.

4. Get Your Customers Opinion

Always a great gauge to improve your business, customer feedback is invaluable when looking to improve your service and ambience. See what your restaurant lacks, consider the criticism in a positive light and make necessary changes.

5. Identify Your Target Market

Before you start renovations consider your target market; does your hotel cater to families or is it a romantic hideaway for honeymooners and couples. Your renovations must be in keeping within this audience; especially when remodelling the restaurant and bar.

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