05 Pool Maintenance Tips – How to Keep Your Pool Clean

Pool Maintenance Tips

Timely Tips From Remodelling Contractors in Galle

Are you the proud owner of a holiday villa in Galle, complete with a beautiful pool? Then here are some tips on how to keep your pool clean. As one of the leading swimming pool remodelling contractors in Galle, we offer the following advice to keep your pool sparkling and inviting.

1. Tip No 1 in Pool Maintenance Advice is to Check the pH Balance of Your Pool

Since Sri Lanka is a tropical country, we suggest checking the pool chemistry at least twice a week. The pH balance must stay within 7.2 and 7.8, if less, between this scale, your pool will require less chlorine, however as pH levels increase your pool will need more chlorine. Chlorine within a pH balance of 8.0 is only 10% active, at a 7.0 pH level 50% active. Our advice, control pH balance and use less chlorine.

2. Empty Out the Skimmer Basket

If you went with one of the best construction companies in Galle, Sri Lanka your pool would have been built with a very professional outlook. The skimmer basket would be installed on the side of the pool and works by skimming debris from the surface of the pool before any sinks to the bottom. Clean the basket often.

3. Check the Water Level of Your Pool

Water must be on the centre level of the pool tile or skimmer. Too low and the pump will run dry and burn too high and the skimmer door will not function at 100%.

4. Keep a Check of Chlorinator

Whether you use an inline chlorinator or deck chlorinator both need to be checked often to make sure chlorine tablet levels are maintained. Some units are able to add a constant flow of remaining chlorine when needed.

5. Clean Out the Pool Filters

Keep your pool filters clean; cleaning the filters regularly, maybe every 4 to 6 months, will keep your pool water sparkling clean. Use a chemical solution to soak and clean the filters or you can contact us for a proper maintenance service. Double Vision can help with not only your pool maintenance but with adding one to your property, to check out our range of designs contact us today!

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